Here's what I've found out today. Both of the little "barrel" fuses mounted
in the case of the Nuarc were the wrong type. One is supposed to be a 5
amp, 250v, but instead it was an 8 amp 250v. The other was supposed to
be a 20 amp., 250v "slo blo", and it was a fast acting fuse instead. it's the
one that blew. I guess a "slo blo" or "time delay" fuse allows for some short
spikes of current flow at start-up, and the fast acting fuse... acts fast .

So those things are now corrected.

The new lamp is the correct one, I double checked that. it works great now
that I changed the fuse that was blown.

I finally got it adjusted so that one unit = about 1 second when the
lamp is fully illuminated. (Very helpful when discussing the process with
others, and troubleshooting any problems I or someone else might have)

Nicholas... per your suggestion I checked all the connectors, and slid them
off and on a few times to make sure they were making good contact. There
was a lot of fine dust on and in this unit, but the little connectors are all
covered with plastic protectors, which is a help. While doing that though...,
I also found TWO ground wires that were barely connected... just hanging
there with the nut (that's supposed to hold them tight...), all the way out
to the end of the bolt, about to fall off! Glad I found that. I also have
noticed another green wire that's not connected to ground... just has a piece
of electrical tape wrapped around the end of it. Will be checking into that
some more tomorrow.

Hopefully I'll also be making some gravures

thanks for the help, I really appreciate it. Hopefully I'm all set now
::: crossing fingers::::