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Well this thread is joyfully spinning out of control! Must be eating too many special brownies.

Let me throw this into the works. A Kodak Brownie camera is something like a Singer 20 sewing machine; a cute little "baby" machine intended originally for children that happens to do its job quite well. Not so much of a toy but more like a CTID (child training/indoctrination device.) Any thoughts?
You know, said like that, Brownies are probably closer to the usual meaning of "toy" than the Holgas &co.

Kids who grew up in the middle of the 20th century are much more likely to have had Brownies as toys than are kids who grew up more recently like me (hey, I had a computer!). Lots of kids also had Mickey cameras, cereal box leicas, or whatnot.

I'm not sure how much the modern "toy camera" are actually used by children in a learning/play context. Does anybody's 8-years old have a Holga?

I think I would use "lo-fi cameras" as an umbrella term for the class of real toys, Brownies, "toy" camera, chinese/russian crapboxes, Polaroid instant, oatmeal pinholes, etc, if "lo-fi" wasn't already coopted to sickness by the music industry.