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A Kodak Brownie camera is something like a Singer 20 sewing machine;
If this is the small Singer I'm thinking of (the very primative hand-crank one), the Singer 20 is far under the relative capability of the Brownie.

My first very own camera was a Brownie Starflash. Although it was quite plain, I always thought of it as a reasonable quality camera and definitely not a toy.

I think of it more as the 1960 equivalent of the point-and-shoot. It had a decent lens, although fixed focus and I'm sure plastic, and as long as you were outside or had a flashbulb in it, and held it steady, you always got a clean and very clear photo. I remember thinking of it as a definite step up from the other kids' box cameras.

I also have a great respect for Singer machines. I was lucky enough to learn on my mom's Singer 221 and my grandmother's console Singer. Those hand-cranked ones were nothing at all like the real ones. (My current machine is a cheaper Simplicity, it really does all of what I need.)