After much reading and asking a few question I am reading to buy some new chemicals. My objective is to get away from Kodak chemistry only because with all the talk of them not going to make film any more I can only assume that they will also stop making chemicals.

I want to find a developer that will be around for as long as I will be taking pictures so I can learn the developers traits and master it so to speak for consistent results without having to worry about always changing. I plan on using film for a very long time.

For now I am using;
TMAX Developer
Kodak Indicator Stop Bath
Ilford Hypam Rapid Fix
Kodak Hypo Clearing Agent
Ilford Ilfotol Wetting Agent

Now that supplies are getting low it is time to buy in bulk and stock up.

I want to try some Rodinal as I read that it shelf life is just amazing. With Rodinal will I still need stop bath or just a water bath and will the rapid fix work or do I need a different type. Is hypo clearing agent needed?

Ok, now for the next part. I have been reading and it seems the popular developers are Pyrocat-HD and X-TOL. Since X-TOL is Kodak I am afraid to use it then they stop making it then what. So since I am green sort to speak I am open to find a developer and use it. If I do the Pro route what chemicals will I need? I read that you do not need stop bath and I am assuming that you will also need a different type of fixer than the rapid fixer.

So what would I need to buy to develop with the developer. Also will this developer in a Jobo rotary processor?

I am also going to be processing by trays but the times when I go out for a week+ I will have a lot of shot and the rotary from what I have read is the way to go for bulk processing or when the wife need the bathroom or I need to process in the daytime, then the daylight processor is what I will be using.

I just do not really know what chemicals to get.

Oh the films I shoot are as follows;

Delta 400, 3200
TMAX 100, 400, 3200, I am moving over to ACROS and delta as I like the film and I have a backup to my old friend TMAX.

For 4x5 this is all uncharted territory for me. I am trying some Ilford HP5+ and will probably go the Delta route as well.

If the Pyrocat-HD developer is the way to go what are all the chemicals to get me going. And the same for Rodinal.

If any other developer is recommended I am willing to try as I am starting from scratch here and am very open to listening.

But since all I know is;

D-76 and TMAX developers I really do not know how to develope with other developers (Fix, stop, hypo, etc...).

Also I am planning on starting to make contact sheets, so what developer, stop, fix would you recommend for using paper? I will use a luster paper and when I am ready to actually print I will be looking at a fiber-based paper.

Thank you again,