Sorry if I was confusing. He said that his motivation for placement of his light was to achieve F11 which I think means that he has a power pack and heads that he can't control each head's power output exactly.

I merely tried to explain that I moved my heads to get the quality of light that I wanted and with my monolights could set the head to get whatever fstop I wanted. I haven't used Dynalights in a while and I don't know if they can do this or not, but it seemed his system couldn't. I also stated that my mainlights don't affect my background but didn't mean to infer that any other lighting system would.

I have used most company's lights at one time or another but now use Photogenic Powerlights and don't have a problem with either weight or accessibility whether on a boom or not.. Powerpacks and heads vs monolights is an ongoing debate that is mostly personal preference, except that if you have to move the lights closer or farther to get a favorite fstop, you can't completely control the quality of light.

The bottom line and answer to his question is closer equals softer and how soft is defined by the light modifier, and the light. What he prefers, is right for him.

Michael McBlane