There are a lot of this type of "el cheapo" camera around and they are usually sold under names which are intended to confuse people - usually names similar to Canon, Olympus (called Olympia) & Nikon eg yours. They were aimed at the gullible and the uninformed who thought they were getting a professional camera, thats why you get a "professional" handle mount flash
gun & the camera is designed to look vaguely like a 35mm SLR. I read somewhere that in order to make them feel heavier there is a piece of stone or brick hidden somewhere in the camera!

I also recollect that when these fiirst appeared some years ago when 35mm was still king, Canon etc were quite concerned and tried to take action against the manufacturers.

Today they are obviously good fun to play with if you can get them cheap but sadly there are still people attempting to flog them on ebay as "professional" cameras at outrageous prices. Fortunately not many people fall for it but I feel sorry for those who do.