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I doubt whether Kodak would have to worry too much about environmental concerns regarding its film plant in China. That fact, plus cheap labour coupled with no effective unions is why manufacturers are falling over themselves to locate there.

As for inkjet printers I wish Kodak well but they have left it a bit late as the market is dominated by just 4 makers - HP, Canon, Epson & Lexmark. Other people who tried seem to have given up, such as Olivetti & Xerox and Sharp didn't make any real inroads either.
Kodak, I believe, was obliged to build their joint facility with Lucky to the same environmental standards as in the USA. I'll let PhotoEngineer speak to that (if he's interested).

Incidentally, Kodak has moved its color film production back to the USA from China.

To make a long story short - wages are rising quickly in China and there's a factory labor shortage. Don't look for it to be a panacea for the film industry's ills.