If my informations are right all eastern European manufacturers are facing little or no environmental cleanup charges.

All of them are located either directly next to densly habitated areas (housing) or actually in them since the 50ies and have been regulated very strictly in the past.

Most of them have been producing film and papers only, which is actually a pretty clean production with little bad side products.

Possible candiates for pollution are more the producers of the input materials like gelatin, silver nitrate, liquid chemicals or salts.
These have been made within these factories only to a very limited extend, also in the past.

I have seen almost every coating line in eastern europe and most of them are very, very nice pieces of land. Beautifully located with own woods and dwells. More of a recreation park than an actual factory.

The reason is simple: Back when they were founded in the 1920ies to 1940ies climatising and air purification was THE issue. So they planted trees (mostly cedar trees) in order to give shade and pure air around the factorie buildings which were neat looking, long, one story brick buildings.

So you have always a HUGE piece of land with woods and some scattered small nice buildings and lots of alleys to walk on from building to building.
One of the major problems is that within their own property they tried to squeeze all possible poluters (like the energy creating building) as far to the corner as they could so no smoke hit the factory in bad wind conditions.

This is one big issue when trying to scale down the factories now. Changing all the steam pipes and mooving the generators is difficult and costly next to the spread out shematics of building locations on the lot.