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After much reading and asking a few question I am reading to buy some new chemicals. My objective is to get away from Kodak chemistry only because with all the talk of them not going to make film any more I can only assume that they will also stop making chemicals.

I want to find a developer that will be around for as long as I will be taking pictures so I can learn the developers traits and master it so to speak for consistent results without having to worry about always changing. I plan on using film for a very long time.

Now that supplies are getting low it is time to buy in bulk and stock up.
I fully understand your concerns. I'm experimenting with mixing my own formulas for the very same reasons.

Steve Anchel's Darkroom Cookbook and Film Developing Cookbook are surely the first requisits you need. Then you need a good scale and preferably an automaric stirrer.

If you want to start experimenting with developers, I suggest you start with the D23 2-bath developers described by Steve. They are really simple to mix, give very good results, require only three relatively harmless components (5 gr metol, 100 gr Sodium sulfite, and either 15-60 gr. washingsoda or 20 mule team borax per liter). And it's really difficult to spoil your negatives in a 2-bath developer. You can't really go wrong with this. Afterwards you can try mixing more difficult stuff.

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