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Which book is that? It's one I don't have, at least. FO is unobtainable in Norway, and takes a very long time to have shipped from anywhere - so long that it would be too old by the time I got it.
The book mentioned is Dick Stevens, Making Kallitypes: A Definitive Guide, Focal Press, 1993. I think it is out of print at this time but you can find copies on amazon.com. This book has a lot of interesting experimental results and anyone really seriously interested in kallitypes would probably find it useful for that reason. Not so good as a working manual, howver.

Ferric oxalate in powder form, which is available from several sources in the US, incluiding Artcraft, Bostick and Sullivan and Formulary, is very long lasting and not terribly expensive. When the powder is mixed with water, however, it slowly degrades over a period of several months.