I think different formats have different textures, particularly when you are using short DOF. The transition between the sharp and the out-of-focus seems very much affected by format. Part of it is grain, the amount of detail resolvable on a larger piece of film which changes the particular way the sharp area looks sharp, the effect of using a certain focal length lens which affects the choice of aperture and the size of the physical aperture which affects the amount of diffraction in the sharp area and the smoothness of the out-of-focus area.

I suppose there are other factors that aren't inherent in the format, but may be affected by choice of format--contact printing vs. enlargment, print medium, classic lenses vs. modern lenses, etc.

I think there are also other things related to camera design that are also connected with format, but aren't really inherent in the format either. A single window range/viewfinder like the Littman has (or an SLR) should let you shoot more dynamically than the Linhof's separate rangefinder and viewfinder, but the Linhof allows for more dynamic composition than a camera with only groundglass focusing.