hi karen, that is a great compliment, congratulations!

one of his books is on ebay now (some of the portraits are on the selling pages)

another book to look out for is --- "portraits of greatness" really nice printing if you can find it

when karsh died he gave a lot of credit to his now unknown mentor, a boston photographer named john garo. he worked between the 1890s and 1930s and was the first american photographer to have an exhibition on london. like karsh after him, garo photographed heads of state, artists and famous people of his time. some refer to the way he photographed as "the garo way" . he was one of the first to borrow "chiaroscuro" lighting from the world of painting and use it in portrait photography. (rembrant lighting). he is also credited as being one of the people that brought platinum printing back to life in the years around WW1. at some point, george eastman asked him to be in charge of kodak's photofinishing operation. garo turned down the job saying that he was an artist, not a technician. in the 1930s he died poor and now he is virtually unknown.

i've been lucky enough to see some of his portraits as well as his pictorialist landscape work. there is a frame studio in boston's back bay that has a hand colored platinum print of jamaica pond: pretty amazing stuff. some of garos's work is in the library of congress, some is in personal collections. alot was lost because after his death, all his negatives mysteriously disappeared from his studio.

again, congratulations

- john