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Guys and Girls

I know no more than is copied below!

I think that it is in everyone's interest to sign up to this. Looks like Government are trying to stop us taking any images in public places according to this!!! There's a petition on the Downing St website against the Government's proposals to restrict the use of photography in public areas. Sign up to the petition now......


Cheers, Carl
On the face of it another Loony Labour plan.
Personally, I'd want to know more details than appear on the government website before getting too excited one way or the other, ie what constitutes a public place - Dartmoor? my street?. Also, what constitutes a "photographer" - someone with a camera-phone, a disposable snappy or might you need to be using something costing a hundred quid or more to be a true photographer in the eyes of Blair and Co.? Sounds as ill-conceived and full of holes as the hunting ban, smoking ban and, no doubt many other bans that are flouted on a daily basis.
And I said I wasn't going to get too excited....
Thanks for bringing it to our attention, Carl.

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