Well, I have started to tone some negs in selenium diluted 1:3 in hypo-clear, and have a couple of questions:

Is there a problem in toning negs in a stainless steel tank? I have been doing it in trays so I can know when to stop, but if I'm going to tone to completion, does it matter?

Does agitation (in a tray) greatly influence the toning? Will a "stand" toning affect the shadows more than the highlights? I'm thinking that the selenium might exhaust the way developers do (or at least weaken to a point where my highlights would tone slower), but I might be wrong....

Does dilluting selenium in hypo-clear slow down the toning? I mixed it the way Ansel Adam's "The Negative" shows it. I figured it would be a safer bet when washing time came (I still put the negs in a pure hypo-clear bath for 2 min. afterwards)

Thank you for all your responses (the previous and the future ones)