Here is a copy of the email I just sent to Jorge:
Hi Jorge,

Thanks for the feedback. I have attached 2 plotter files. Just curious any observations you may have.

I recognize some folks are not in agreement on the stained tablet thing! But I can tell you the developing charts from plotter (using stained tablets on paper for ES tests) are consistent with other testing I have employed. Whereas if I had used the ES obtained from the stouffer tablet versus the stained tablet, the charts would be way off compared to my visual experience. Also the speed chart for pyrocat, specifically, is way off. The speed chart for ABC seems OK, and the developing chart seems consistent with my other tests. I have just switched to WD2D over ABC and have little experience with it. Since I have used FP4 for so long with 3-4 developers I certainly can tell if I am selecting the correct speed. I am using the photowarehouse film now. My tests indicate it is FP4.

Before getting a densitometer I used to borrow one and all my tests were with a zone board, and using HC110 and PMK I had good control. When testing pyrocat in this manner the 0.1 over fb+f tests for speed were misleading and not correct. I then made adjustments after visually assessing the negative. Using 0.1 over fb+f tests for speed, worked quite well for PMK, ABC and HC-110. So it appears I can use the developing charts, but I cannot use the speed data for pyrocat. I can use pyrocat with FP4 at 100 for AZO.

I appreciate the offer to read some negatives and may ask you to do so in the future.

On a different note I'd like to read your pmk/pyrocat article and its attendant plotter files.


phil sweeney

I am seriously considering backing up and using D76 for a while. Everything is about tradeoffs to me and I'd like to have the control afforded by BTZS.