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1. Insects, which are are very exotic when viewed up close but otherwise ordinary.[...]In fact I challenge readers to find any macro photo which would be considered more artistic than technically difficult.
I am not sure what fits this category of "artistic" - black and white, barn doors? What you are saying about insect photography could be applicable to any wildlife photography - do you find any wildlife photography done in color "artistic."

Personally I do both extremes. Nowadays, shooting closeups (mostly insects) is about the only time I shoot color and small format. Everything else is BW medium or large format. I feel I don't try as much to be artistic while shooting insects - perhaps because of the technical challenges that you mention - but they come out quite satsfying nevertheless. Every kind of photography (every kind of art) has its own set of challenges, conventions, rules - entire language games within which they function - taking the language games of barn doors or peppers and imposing it on damselflies is arbitrary. That said, here are a couple of my shots which I quite like as closeups - I did not go out of my way to make them artistic but they came out nice anyway. Now we must decide which language game they fit.