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I use a 2 bath distilled water rinse after washing. I only squegee 35mm film, it seems more proned to watermarks.Film on reels I always shake out all loose water before removing it from the reels and hanging. Also in the room where the film is drying I run the exaust fan to eliminate as much moisture in the air as possible, Though some moisture is good to keep any dust down.
My technique is similar with the following exceptions. After washing I rinse all format negatives in a dilute distilled water bath followed by a rinse in a concoction of distilled water, Triton-x 100 (I believe this is the wetting agent in Fotoflo) and isopropyl alcohol (to keep down bacteria growth).

In my guest bath, I run the shower hot for a few (very few) seconds and do not run the exhaust fan. Experience has led me to believe that the longer the film is allowed to "drip" (slow drying), the less particular matter will adhere. Once the film is hung, I close the door, carefully, and tip-toe away for a number of hours (to eliminate temptation to peek, I scan APUG et c.)

In a house with two dogs, these precautions are very necessary. Why do we have two? Because we don't want three!