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Fuji really seems like a company that listens to their customers (like another one we know, Ilford)

There has been another example recently: Fuji Single 8mm film.

A few months ago it was announced that they would be discontinuing the production of R25N (daylight reversal) and RT200N (tungsten reversal) and the processing service.

In January they announce that due to the feedback they will not be discontinuing the production of the film or shutting the lab, but will be moderninsing the lab and getting the main engineer in the production of the film to train up younger apprentices in its manufacture, before he retires.
Am I reading you correctly?

They are bringing back Fujichrome 25?

For real????

If this is for real, what are the chances of also talking them into NOT slitting it all into "Single-8" width, but making some of it as 35mm film?

I think there'd be a real market for a new ASA 25 slide film!