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Here is a copy of the email I just sent to Jorge:

I am seriously considering backing up and using D76 for a while. Everything is about tradeoffs to me and I'd like to have the control afforded by BTZS.

When printing with carbon, kallitype and palladium I have found that BTZS gives me very close control of the process. I assume this is due to the fact that these processes are sensitive to such a small band of the spectrum and our UV measuring densitometers are reading in the very middle of this band. So at least with your kallitype work BTZS should work fine, provided that use a densitoimeter capable of UV readings. Or it is possible that you might find a UV filter that cuts off light outside the UV band which you could use with your color densitometer. For exmaple, I use a Wratten 47b filter with my Gretage D200 in Visual Mode and the results are identical to a reading with the X-Rite 810 in blue mode.

However, if your source of concern is that you can not get the precise control afforded by BTZS with silver gelatin papers, including AZO, with pyro stained negatives I must say that I don't have a solution. The fact of the matter is that the blue filter of a color densitoimeter does not exactly match the paper sensitivity of either regular silver papers or of AZO, plus there is the complication of the light being used to expose the print.