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I've been considering it for a long time, and finally I've decided to just go ahead with it.

Now, if you're still with me, I'd like to say thanks in advance for all the help and for sticking with film. Of course, it isn't as if we have a viable alternative.
How about a true test drive Andrew? Then you could decide for yourself? I don't have an F5, but you are welcome (in the spirit of APUG) to borrow my F4s and decide if it is a camera you like. Maybe someone will offer an F5 for a test as well. I am not offering it for sale. I like it. I have this and 3 F100s, 3 Minolta X series and the two ancient but well working Mamiyas. I would not miss the F4s if it were not available for a couple of weeks or even as long as a month. Let me know if this interests you.