The F4 is the finest tripod SLR hands down. I shot stock with F4s for a long time, nearly always on a tripod. The meter is excellent (not the stunning color meter of thhe F5), the backward compatability with older nikon glass is excellent (about the same as the F5 I suppose), but it is in ergonomics that the F4 wins hands down. All the controls are traditional dials, the cable release can be a regular old threaded one, the camera doesn't need to be woken up to see what your settings are- the exposure compensation is a real dial with numbers you can read, just like the shutter speed. I always hated the F100 for the lack of readouts without tapping the darn shutter release over and over again. Plus the readout always went out between the time I made one exposure and went to set the exposure compensation for the next image. If you can handle both of them do so, but if not I'd steer you toward the F4 if you hhave any thoughts of using a tripod with this purchase. If you're going to be doing a lot of flash, the F5 might be the tool for you.