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sofar we had not a single severe problem and we ship to anywhere in the world using Deutsche Post (DHL).
I would be interested to know whether Mirko has experience of shipping to South Africa, as so far I have been nervous about ordering film or paper from overseas (leaving aside the issue of shipping costs and customs duties).

In Cape Town we actually have a big pro lab & shop that still carries a reasonable range of materials, plenty Ilford and some Kodak, although most of their business is digital judging by which counters have the long queues. I think the local art schools keep the demand up by teaching traditional techniques as part of their photo courses. There's another store in the city that also sells paper & chemistry and the owner says there's a surprising number of young photographers who are keen to try traditional materials because digital is what they have grown up with!

We can get 120 film quite easily, but I'm looking to move to large format and 4x5 B&W film is a bit scarce. There's a general grumble evidently that the local distributors aren't interested in the small & shrinking market, and when I asked whether the new Ilford warmtone & coldtone paper developers that I read about will be available here, I was briskly told to be grateful that I could still buy any developer at all...

Some guys brought in a lot of Forte paper and film last year, but that's another (sad) story - I'm busy buying some of the last of their stock of Polywarmtone.