I was little weary posting here at first, but I'm happy I did. It would seem that there is a genuine desire to help strangers here and I truly appreciate all the replies.

I also appreciate the recommendations and advice as far as MF is concerned. I'm sure I'll be coming back to this thread at some point in the near future, depending on how much of a craftsman I turn out to be. I have two, nonworking Minolta bodies and I'd like to see if I can salvage a working camera out of them.

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How about a true test drive Andrew? Then you could decide for yourself? I don't have an F5, but you are welcome (in the spirit of APUG) to borrow my F4s and decide if it is a camera you like. Maybe someone will offer an F5 for a test as well. I am not offering it for sale. I like it. I have this and 3 F100s, 3 Minolta X series and the two ancient but well working Mamiyas. I would not miss the F4s if it were not available for a couple of weeks or even as long as a month. Let me know if this interests you.

That's an incredibly generous offer and it definitely interests me, but I couldn't ask that of you. I ordered an F5 from KEH.com that should get here sometime Monday. I figure, if it's what I'm looking for: I'll know. If it's not, I'll return it and continue down the list of possibilities (KEH seems to have a wonderful selection for such a thing). I just wanted to say that the offer itself is much obliging.

The fact of it is, the camera comes in a distant third after the photographer, film, and development in terms of importance to the photograph. Or, this is my humble opinion of it. Either way, I'll keep posting; even if it requires I use a computer.