A previous post called 'missed opportunities' started on the topic of what photo kit to carry with you every day but then changed to a photo blunders thread - and a very interesting read. I'd like to reintroduce the topic of what you guys carry around every day so you won't miss that unexpected photo opp.

Small and simple is good. I also prefer mechanical and manual, but that's just me. I seem to be stuck in the 40's to 70's when it comes to cameras that I find interesting. I always want to be carrying some kind of camera. Also good is something picked up cheap so losing it or damaging it won't hurt too much. Whenever I get a new used camera, it is the one I lug around for a while until I get used to it and the novelty wears off. When I got my Speed Graphic a few weeks ago, it came with me for a few days. After that experience, carrying a Rollei TLR did not seem to be that cumbersome anymore. Sometimes I'll switch cameras on a day where I decide I'm 'feeling MF' and not 35mm. I may have a regular travelling camera for a while, or I may switch as the mood strikes me. Here's a list of cameras that I've taken back and forth to my regular job, or have with me in the car on weekends while doing errands:

Rollei 35TE, Kodak Rettina 2a, Agfa Karat, Canon QL3G, Konica S2, Nikon 601 with 50mm or 28-70mm, Pentax ME with 45mm pancake lens, Bessa 1, Perkeo 2, Nikonos 3. Most of these I bought at camera swap meets or garage sales for less than $100