Yesterday I again exposed a roll of Technical Pan, processed it, and, after it was dry, I placed the negatives in one of Print File, Inc.'s plastic negative preserver sheets that I had already used once before. I printed one of the negatives last night after taking it out of the preserver sheet and it was fine. However, this morning I decided to tweak the same negative in my darkroom via more burning in of segments of the image and, after taking the print out of the water soak tray, I noticed a scratch along the female's right arm that hadn't been there the night before. Thus, it is clear to me that some artifact got on the negative during placement of it in the used preserver sheet. I consequently find that I dislike the sheets, for they are rather tight and the cut film strips hug the front and back sides of the sheets. Does anybody have an alternate black and white print film storage method that prevents this occurence? IOW, something that does not hug the negatives? Thanks for responding.