Good Afternoon,

I use Photo-Flo in tap water as the final solution. I don't, however, come even close to following Kodak's recommendation of 1 part Photo-Flo to 200 parts water; with the water here, at least, that's far too heavy a concentration. I have an old metal cap from my first (1970's) bottle of Photo-Flo. The cap is about 7/8" in diameter. For a quart of working solution, I add just enough Photo-Flo to cover the bottom of that cap. I suppose it amounts to no more than six or eight drops; the dilution must be something like 1:several thousand. After about thirty years of darkroom work (thousands of rolls and 4 x 5 sheets), I'm just starting on my third 4 oz. bottle of Photo-Flo.

With roll film, I shake the reels thoroughly to remove the excess Photo-Flo solution and then hang the film (vertically) without touching it again until it's dry. With sheet film, I briefly let it drip over the sink, then hang it by a corner until it's dry.