Unfortunately I was not purchasing AZO while it was available but I heve recently bought 2 boxes of 8x10 on ebay at the ridiculous prices. I have also gotten hold of a box of 500 sheets of 3.5x5 inch AZO along with several boxes of Velox; (also in small sizes)another older contact paper. So I'll be printing in the smaller sizes for quite a while and reserve the larger sheets for my 8x10 camera. I really could not resist regardless of the price. I just sold off most of my Forte papers and sent M+P a nice check for the new paper. After doing Photography for over 30 years there is nothing that can match the quality of an AZO print. I also have an excellant stash of Agfa Portiga paper and 500 sheet box of some of the older Kodabromide. But I really want to print on AZO or the new replacement. Michael WILL prevail!!
Best, Peter