Curt, there was information on who took each photograph, sometimes there was a whole lot of information about the photographer and/or the actual session the shot was taken.

Perhaps the most interesting piece of information regarding a photo session, was one a photographer had with Audrey Hepburn, the session lasted for 48 hours.

There were contact sheets of quite a few subjects, Greta Garbo, was another one I remember, Marilyn Monroe was another. With the Marilyn Monroe contact sheet, one of the frames had been neatly cut out with a knife or scissors, one has to wonder why.

There was also a series of small prints taken of James Dean of him mucking around, with a coffin. Standing alongside (I think), sitting in, lying in, playing dead in, pretending to sleep in. Apparently, these were taken shortly before his death.

With Queen Victoria, there were two prints taken of her and her children, apparently she was displeased with one of the pictures so she erased her head with her thumb. Both of these actual prints were side by side. I'm going on memory here, but I think those prints would have been close to 140 or more years old. They were not silver gelatin prints, if I remember correctly.

Yes, it was an extremely satisfying exhibition.