We are putting a swedish LF gathering together the second week in september this coming autumn. The place is Fjällbacka, an old fishing village in the middle of the swedish west coast about two hours drive north of gothenburg. Right in the middle of the unique swedish western archipelago. The plan is to rent a house (or two depending on interest.) We can cook together, separately or eat out etc.
Example. A house that sleeps eight would cost around SEK 780 (ca 85 EUR) per person.
So far there's about six persons more or less signed up, three from the UK and three from Sweden.

A possible plan for the week could include:
A boat trip out to The Weather Island. 10 nautical miles out in the middle of the atlantic.
A visit to the rock carvings in Tanumshede, on the Unesco´s list of World Heritages.
The Bronze age grave field just outside Grebbestad with more than 180 graves is worth a visit. Especially if you're lucky (and early) enough to get some mist curling around all the standing stones...
The there's the town of Fjällbacka itself
And the wild landscape all around.

The official tourist site
Or you could google images (image google?) on Bohuslän and/or Fjällbacka

Some other links


So, anyone interrested?

PS: This is posted on LF Forum as well. If possible, I would like to refer to that thread as the main one. Just to try avoiding confusion.