AS I have been reading more and more I see that with Pyrocat-HD you do not need a chemical stop bath or Hypo-Clearign agent if you use Tf-4 or a Rapid fixer like Ilford.

So my question is that if I use a developer like Rodinal or TMax can I use T4F fixer? Also if I use say Ilford rapid fix do I need a chemical stop bath or will water work and in this case will I need a hypo-clearing agent?

Right now I am using;

TMAx developer - Changing to Rodinal once I run out.
Koday Indicator stop bath ( Do I need this if I use a Rapid fix or TF-4 )
Ilford Rapid Fixer
Koday Hypo Clearing Agent ( Do I need this. If not do I need to wash negs for 30 minutes )
Ilford Wetting agent.

I just am a bit puzzled as I have been reading and notice how with a non-Hardening fixer (TF-4) you do not need a stop or HYPO-clearing agent. But will this hold true for all developers being used?

Any advice is appreciated as I am trying to get my head artound this before I buy chemistry.

I tell you what I learned back in College 15 years didnt teach me anything like this. It was D76, Stop bath (chemical), Fixer, Hypoclearing, wash.

Thanks again,