The Miami show turned out to be pretty poor overall from the previous year. Attendance seemed off for the first morning and it really didn't seem like there was a lot of equipment compared to other years. One of the major dealers who always seemed to show up with multiple tables of goodies was pretty short this year having not half the stuff I was use to seeing available. Many other dealers were equipment poor as well. One I talked to remarked that this was probably his last year and another who I've known for awhile was just selling off his personal stuff. Not much of anything. A few LF cameras tho which I did not expect. Prices were really not that great and the stuff I did see was not looking too good. Couldn't even find any 52mm colored filters for b&w film.. None

I had occasion to talk with a German tourist who comes to the shows to buy for resale back home. He even remarked that there was nothing impressive about the show. I doubt from my looking around that he found anything.

There was quite a few people showing up to sell. My buddy that I went with even off'd a FE with 50mm and got, as usual, not that much. I ran into several others looking to off film stuff to buy digital. There was lots of attendee's with darkroom stuff looking to sell.

I think that Michael may be right about his remarks and shows. I may not attend anymore. I can find better stuff at KEH.