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thanks... it's workin like a charm, now!

I am curious to know if the light integrator on your 26-1k gives consistent results if you make exposures one after the other? A freind who uses a 26-1k told me that he can not get repeteable results with his unit unless he always alllows it for the same period of time before making the exposure. This seems to defeat the idea of the integrator, but in discussions with someone at NuArc very recently one of the technicians there suggested that the problem might be that the light sensor of the integrator reads visible light, not UV. I thought this was odd, but as I said, it did come from one of the technicians at NuArc.

Before acquiring my Amergraph ULF-28, which gives beautiful consistenty with multple prints, I also used a NuArc 26-1k for kallitype and pt/pd printing. I recall having some problem with consistency, but at the time attributed it to coating and humidity conditions.

Sandy King