I am arranged by "kits":

35mm kit is camera with lens on it, two other lenses, and three rolls of film. It's packed and usually in the car or brief case.

4x5 kit is a monorail in a domke bag with six holders and three lenses, loupe, meter, and darkcloth. Always packed and film is always loaded in the holders.

8x10 kit is a wooden field camera, two lenses, loupe, meter, and darkcloth. 6 holders, always loaded.

It was really pretty easier assembling all of these, and not that expensive except for buying two meters (which I did over 12 years, not at once) and the camera bags.

I did this because I lost count of the times I went on a trip and realized I had unloaded holders, or a polaroid back and a box of sheet film (not readyloads), or no meter, or no darkcloth.