Hello Tom,

Thank you very much for the information. One problem I have is that right now I cannot get my cold water out of the tap to drop below 70 deg. F. So if I do a N-1 I can down to about 5 min depending on the film I am using with the TMAX developer.

But it seems fro the above message that TMax is not a fast developing developer unless of course the water is hot then the time increases.

Now for a water stop if I am using trays or even a rotary process do you just put the film in the tray and agitate fro about 30 seconds or will the water itself just stop the processing? And how long do you need to put it in the stop (water) for? For rotary I figure that the drum rolling will give it what it needs.

Also I was searching for the link you mentioned about OLE home brew fixer. DO you know the link and with his home brew would you need a acid stop or hypo clearing or just water.

Thank you again,