I have been looking for a lens to do some 8x10 portraits. I tried my 10 3/4" Dagor (a bit short) and my 19" Artar (with the bellow draw needed a C-clamp to keep my camera from falling apart!) Tested a friend's Nikkor-M 300mm and that seemed about what I was looking for. Came across a Nikkor-W 300mm for sale and was wondering what the "W" buys me? The angle of view of the M is 57 degrees, the W is 70 degrees. Would both lenses, positioned at the same distance from the same object produce the same image? Does the "W" just mean I get some extra movement in exchange for the extra weight of the lens? BTW, "M" is a f9 lens, "W" is a f5.6. Thank you for all your feedback....... lyle