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I don't understand, surly for a Tungsten film to be usefully it would need to be at least 400, 800 ideally.
Not at all true. I have used extensively in the past low speed tungsten balanced color transparency and color negative films to produce product photography using a large variety of complex studio tungsten lights, similar to movie studio lights. This is the way it all used to be done. These 2000 watt Fresnel fixtures on roll around stands have very precise shape and control of the cone of light, and have barn doors and snoots and all sorts of light modifiers to creat a beautiful image with light. For this type of work, a low speed fine grain material is needed. This used to be the bread and butter photography of a Commercial Studio.

You are thinking of applications totally different, such as available light photography in 35mm. I am talking studio photography in 4x5 or 8x10,
or 11x14 transparencies.