It has arrived and, I'm happy to say, in perfect condition. It definitely feels sturdy ("built like a tank" as it has been claimed) , but I wouldn't describe it as overly heavy. Unfortunately, I can't comment much beyond that as I haven't had the chance to take it on a real test drive but I intend to do that within the week (new film is in the 'fridge). The only problem I have right now is the lack of a paper manual (or cheat sheet). Is there any way I can order the manual (not an eBook of the thing) without running through the gauntlet that is eBay?

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Andrew, the offer still will already have an F5 to compare against the F4s. Would not have offered if it would have been an imposition. These are the kind of folks here on APUG. The F4s was the first AF Nikon I owned and I will always treasure it, but it won't keep pace with the F100s. Again, though I can use all those delightful ai lenses with the F4s. Your decision either way.
It's much appreciated, and I really would like to. Possibly, once I've familiarized myself better with the F5, I'll see if there's anything I can send as collateral. All I can think of at the moment is a few Minolta lenses I've saved for the day I have a working camera on which to mount them but that really isn't much in way of insurance.

I much appreciate all the help and feedback. I'll have to subscribe once I have those test shots; the gallery is a brilliant idea, I do believe.