Hi All!
My darkroom project is finally morphing from the construction project from the nether world to an almost functional darkroom. After nearly 2 years and the excavation about 10 cubic yards of Bay Area dirt, (read sandstone!), the building inspector gave me his official "thumbs-up" today!! He actually thought it was great that I was building a real darkroom!

Now the process gets serious! Even the wife is smiling! The smile has nothing to do with my pursuit of artistic expression, it's all about getting all of my "c#@p the h&((" out of our bathroom & bedroom!! Please understand, with a wife and 3 daughters there's not much "ours", for me, at all when speaking of bathrooms!

I have wall mounted the enlarger. Still need to put in functional shelving and move the rest of the equipment and other miasma producing paraphernalia.
But I am almost there!!