I know some of you are familiar with the Texas Church Project. There are 5 of us: (me), Lee, Jeremy, photomc, and scootermm. We have been collaborating on shooting old, (mostly) country churches in Texas for the past year and a half. See www.texaschurchproj.com

When we started the project, we really didn’t know exactly what the end result would be, or how long we would spend at this. But, besides starting to build up a body of work, things have begun to gel for us and actually, we’re a bit busy.

Yesterday, we spent the day with a film crew from the “Texas Country Reporter”. www.texascountryreporter.com The feature should air sometime in April in all 19 Texas markets. We’ll let you know more specifically when we know. They (the TV people) took quite an interest in the large format cameras – especially scooter’s 7x17 – and the fact that we all use film. We were fascinated by their high tech video gear, and they were fascinated with 20 minute exposures and wooden tripods.

We were all interviewed on camera by the host. ("Does film have a soul?") It will be interesting to see what sound bites actually make it to the air. :o

Completely coincidentally, we have an exhibit scheduled for May (thanks to Jeremy). We’ll post more details about this as the time approaches. And (first, but not least) last summer, scooter wrote an article about the project for the online “Large Format Journal”.

Busy, busy, busy!!!