When I retire (which won't be that many years from now), I plan on buying an RV and spending as many years on the road photographing as I can until the wanderlust leaves me (I expect about 5 years). I'd like to start getting ideas on areas to explore so I can draw out some sort itinerary. I'd like to setup the RV in one spot for a month or more (until I've tired of the spot) and use my Jeep for local exploring. I'll light-proof part of the RV so I can process film and make contact prints.

I'd appreciate some help with ideas. I would like odeas other than the obvious ones like the Nat. Parks, etc. There are a lot of little known areas out there that are beauitful land scapeareas (like the Diablo Hills area in the general vicinity of Monterey, CA). There are the slot canyons around Page, AZ. These are the kind of areas that I'm looking for.

So, if you've come across some nice but little know areas in your travels, I'd appreciate hearing about them.

I particularly like Sand Dunes. I've been to these 1) Great Sand Dunes in Colorado; 2) Death Vallye; 3) Oregon, southern coast stretch. I would like to hear from anyone who has visited Oceano, White Sands or any other large stretch of dunes. I'd like to circle every good-sized area of dunes on a map so I can visit them all.

I also like the rugged\rocky coast. I've been to Maine, Big Sur area, Oregon coastline (most of it). How about the Great Lakes areas - any great areas there? The Olympic Penninsula in Washington State (where I now live) is pretty good and some of the more interesting remote beaches on Indian Reservations are being opened to the public.

I've been up and down the Eastern Sierras a few times and have of course been to Yosemite quite a few times.

I've travelled to Mexico many times and my favorite place to photograph was San Miguel de Allende, but it's been over 10 years since I've been there. I would be open to RV travel in Mexico. I have driven many miles without incident there, including into very isolated backcountry areas.

I have gone north to Canada a few times but frankly don't like the country that much. It's a pretty country, but it's infested with Canadians who don't like Americans very much and like to rip them off.

I haven't done much photography in Europe and would like suggestions. I have to get to Tuscany before I die, that's for certain.

I shoot 8x10, 4x10, 5x7 all b&w. I'm just getting into Pyro\Azo\Amidol to see what the fuss is all about.