None. But I have and have had a couple of sick jokes of cameras.

Fujica ZC-1000. Fine Single 8 cine camera, Fuji's answer to the Beaulieu 4008. In the US, given the difficulty of finding Single 8 film, a sick joke.

Beaulieu 4008ZM. Old and flaky.

Beaulieu 5008S-MultiSpeed. Not as old, much flakier until it took a very expensive trip to France for service.

Flexaret VII. Sold to me as completely overhauled as as beautiful (the seller's words, not mine) as a "virgin flower of spring." Virgin flower of spring was essentially inoperable on arrival. For me, that was the end of Flexarets.

Lubitel. Don't remember the model, its still hiding in a closet. When it worked, it worked. For the most part, it doesn't work at all.

And the sickest funniest of all, an Ansco Automatic Reflex. High end TLR, shoots 6x6 on 120 film. Prone to jamming when new, prone to jamming when old and tired. Its is also in the closet.