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The book I refer to is in the same series. I made a mistake, however, on the title -- it should be Kodak Professional Photoguide. Mine is 1st edition, 1977 printing. The preface mentions some overlap with the Darkroom Dataguide and the Color Dataguide.

The Kodak Master Photoguide was a smaller book (the copy I have is silver and printed in 1982). I find the tables in that guide to be less informative than in the Professional PhotoGuide.
Haha, after reading your post I bought the Kodak Master Photoguide off eBay using the buy-it-now option. Oh well, $ 9,99 won't break the bank, but now I have to go look for the Professional Photoguide. I have this Crown Graphic with a Graflite flash and a carton with about 80 Westinghouse #11 bulbs you see, and at around $ 2 a piece they are a little too expensive to just guess shutter speed/guide number. (BTW www.flashbulbs.com lists them at $ 6.25 each!)