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Ryan, first, please understand that I'm not one of your critics and I don't have an opinion about any of this. I'm juts observing. In that light, I want to observe that the above quoted paragraph really doesn't answer any questions. The implication is there that the print you sold was not made by you from the copy negative that you purchased. If that's the case, can you just say so?
No prints were made from the copy negative by myself or anyone else for that matter, as I had purchased it for it as a unique collectors item only. It was believed to have been made by Adams himself, as it had his stamp and handwriting on the outside and that was what interested me. A print could not have been made from it due it it being damaged and "silvered" I believe is the term, where all the silver was starting to come to the surface of the negative and could be wiped off with your finger. Not to mention scratches and other surface damage. The negative was also of a different size then the print I had in my collection, and would have required an 8x10 enlarger to make the same size of the print I sold.

The fellow who purchased the negative from me lives back in NY and is a collector of Adams related items. I believe he still owns the negative, but would never attempt to print it, as he wanted it for its unique collection value only.


Ryan McIntosh