I was combing through a local bookstore and found this little gem.
“Stieglitz on Photography” His selected essays and Notes.
Compiled and annotated by Richard Whelan.
This is a really neat find for me and only for $17. So, I grabbed it up. There are several chapters on photography but I want to share this one passage with you regarding Platinum Printing.
“of all the modern printing processes at the command of the photographer, whether amateur or professional, none deserves to be more popular than platinum. The simplicity of manipulation, combined with the beauty of the results obtained with it, is enough to recommend it to every photographer. And above all, the prints produced by the method are as permanent as the paper which supports the image.
Its range, yielding the strongest blacks with pure lights and long scale of intermediate half-tones or grays, is only equaled by the carbon process. The platinum print has an indescribable charm, suggesting atmosphere, though the negative printed on another may be entirely devoid of this valuable pictorial quality.”
Wow, I just don’t think it can be said any better then this regarding Platinum printing. I don’t print platinum prints but I would agree with what Mr.Stieglitz. I’ve seen wonderful work from those who do print platinum.