I was having a quick look at the single-use cameras not so long ago and noticed that the kodak models then were loaded with ISO 800 film, so there wouldn't be any need for the film to be new.

Not that I, either, am interested in high ISO colour neg film. I was just looking for another 'single-use' camera that I could reuse. I have a Rollei that I got a couple of years ago from silverprint in the UK. Silverprint sugest that you can reload it if you have a darkroom. Actually you can do it in the light. And as it is the only camera I own that has a flash, and the only one I can give to anyone to take a picture of me without having (and failing) to explain manual focusing, it is, in it's own way, a little gem.

Which reminds me that, having failed to find a Kodak, or Fuji, product that I can similarly reuse I must go order myself a couple of spare Rolleis.