Does anyone, anywhere have any solid official information about any proposed legislation? I've searched everywhere on the web, contacted my MP and another MP in who is close to the cabinet. It appears that this paranoia is a throwback to an article in one of the red-tops a few years ago(The Daily Express, I think) reporting that the government was to follow France in restricting photography in public places. It was denied then as being unnecessary and unworkable. (I understand the ban in France may be abandoned as unenforcable - anybody got any info on that?)

Most of the problems reported are due to overzealous jobsworths and genuinely concerned parents. To my mind anyone who deliberately photographs children without their parents consent is asking for trouble. Jobsworths can usually be dealt with by asking for their ID, their manager's phone number and suggesting calling the police to sort it out.

I used to be paranoid but 'they' told me I wasn't anymore!