Helen was kind enough to loan me her two Minolta meters, so I've started doing some tests just to see how consistent flash output is.

Just figuring out how to use them, I discovered that, yes, one should really wear a black shirt when taking color readings to avoid influencing the meter.

First observation testing a small Metz 30BCT4 and a Norman LH-2 portable head with a 200C pack--well my 200C wasn't charged, so I only got a few flashes off at low power before the battery failed.

Quick observations--both were fairly close to daylight on the cool side--less than the amount of correction provided by an 81 filter, which is even weaker than the common 81A. The Metz drifted more from flash to flash, while the Norman stayed within a tighter tolerance. The lesson there is that you would have to be very sure of the tolerance and consistency of your strobe heads, film stock, processing, and viewing source, before it would be worth making adjustments of .025 CC, and I have have filters in that strength.

I'll test more rigorously with the Norman portable at different power levels when the battery is charged, and I'll also test my Norman studio heads when I have some time to set them up.