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It's been my experience that you need to be extremely careful when using pipettes, because contsmination is very easy. Your best recourse is to use pipettes dedicated to each solution, or small graduated cylinders, again dedicated to each solution. I try never to put excess stock solution back into the bulk container and never had a problem with contamination of this type.

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Dear all

I have been using the same pyrocat premix solutions for 8 months with no let-up in effeciency. For dispensing of the 2 solutions I use childrens medication syringes which are calibrated to 5ml (in 1ml increments) and cost under a 1 each. You can take them apart for cleaning (and drying) plus they come with a rubber stopper for the top of the (100 ml medicine) bottles that use. I have labelled each one so reduce risk of contamination. This works very well for me.