I deal with airports, security, and security personnel all the time as part of my job. If you put it in checked baggage you will not have a problem. If you want to carry it on-board - that will be the problem area.

Here's the what you will have to deal with for carry-on. Each airport's TSA Security Director and staff will have a different reaction to your equipment. You, in all probability, will not get a universal answer - especially if/when the Threat Level is changed.

So, if you go to your local airport and check with the TSA Security Director, show him/her the equipment, etc. you'll get an answer for that airport that may OR may not be passed down to the field personnel who will make their own judgement at the time you go through passenger screening.

You will probably not get an answer by emailing the TSA directly, and, again even if you do, that decision will not be passed down to the myriad of airports you go through.

I'd get an appointment with the SD at your local airport, bring the equipment and discuss the problem knowing the information I have given to you. Ask for his / her opinion, and then plan how to transport the equipment at that point.