Thanks for all the replies! The emulsion was the amonia digest one that PE posted a while ago. The only difference is that I used acetic acid to neutralise the amonia (have to admit that it was not too accurate... I was dropping acid till the smell of amonia disappeared). The AgNO3+Amonia @35C was added to KBr @45C during ~15min continuously (I used a micropump, just because I have one... but dropping would also work). I don't have the silver gelatin book, but I remember looking at it and in there I think they just inject the AgNO3 + amonia continuously over 30s.

Then all the basic steps, then, before coating:

Alcohol - .4 ml/10ml of emulsion
Sorbitol - ~0.3g/10ml
Sensitiser. I use quanidine red .2% and use about .05 to .1 ml/10ml
Photo Flo - .4ml/10ml

then coat (after bathing the polyester leader with NaOH for 5min and washing)

Then hardening (using PE formula from a few posts ago).

Here was my grief. Due to hurry and anxiety, I did not wait for the gelatin to dry completely before hardening it... So, my nicely coated film had horrible sections where it came off. The second batch (that I wanna process in reversal) survived the hardening process easily but I wait 1 day to dry before hardening it.

Anyway, many thanks!